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Ink Comparison Log

The Ink Comparison Log pages are designed to go a step beyond a single ink review and let you do an ink comparison for similar color inks together, but also on different papers than the original review they were written up in.  All of the reviews for inks in the Ink Log pages will be done on Levenger Circa paper to keep consistency in the results, but I will also provide links back to the original review where I will have writing samples on different paper(s) for a different perspective.  The inks compared here will be both fountain pen ink, and regular rollerball, gel, liquid, or any other kind of ink you can think of.

Please keep in mind that based on the fact that I am scanning the ink comparison samples and converting them to .jpg files and you are then viewing them on vairous different monitors, the results are not going to be an exact represntation of what you will see in real life.  The goal of these samples is really just so that you can get a general idea of the color, especially inc omparison to other colors.  This way you might be able to tell that for example, Noodler’s Blue Black is slightly darker, lighter, bluer, blacker, or greyer than Private Reserve’s Blue Black.  This is just a hypothetical example.

This feature is new, and I’m sure it will not be perfect to start, so suggestions and feedback are always welcome via my contact form.

Ink Comparisons by Color:


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