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Ink Miser


Have you ever asked yourself how to get all of the ink out of a bottle of fountain pen ink?  We have all been there, not much ink left in the bottle, and either tipping the bottle to get that perfect angle, or maybe using a syringe of some sort to get at those last precious drops of your favorite ink.  Well the Ink Miser (via JetPens) solves this problem simply and inexpensively.  Have a look at the video below to see how easy it is.

As you can see from watching the video, its a simple process to use the Ink Miser.  Just start by slipping the Ink Miser into your favorite bottle of fountain pen ink once it gets too low to easily fill your pen, close the cap back up tightly, and flip the bottle over and back 2-3 times and you are all set.  Now you can dip the pen into the bottle so that enough of the nib is submerged in ink to get the flow going into your cartridge.  The Ink Miser doesn’t fall into the bottle, it just rests on the neck of the bottle and leaves enough space so that you can completely close the cap back on it. According to the JetPens website it works with glass and plastic versions of Noodler’s 3 oz ink bottles as well as Waterman and Monteverde ink bottles. Its a great little tool to have on hand as its pretty inexpensive and can save you a lot of mess and hassle trying to get the last of your fountain pen ink out of the bottle.  The handy little Ink Miser is available here from our friends at Jetpens, who for full disclosure are sponsors of the site and we picked this sample up as part of that sponsorship.

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