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InkJournal Expresso Lined Notebooks


InkJournal Expresso Lined

Good friend of the blog, Tom Oddo has sent us a free sample of his latest InkJournal release so I wanted to take a quick look and share it with you today.  The InkJournal Expresso has a very nice coffee themed cover on the front and back with matching coffee themed brown ink.  The artwork sets the tone for being a notebook that you will want to have for a relaxing stop at the local coffee shop to jot down your thoughts instead of plugging into social media for a change.  This is the first in the InkJournal line that has ruled pages.


InkJournal Expresso Lined Writing Sample

This journal measures 3.5″ x 5″ and has 32 pages  just like his InkJournal Dot Grid.  They are made with a sturdy but flexible chipboard cover and brown vegetable based ink that composes the artwork by Tom on the front and back.  As a side note, Tom does some great artwork that can be seen here on the cover of this notebook as well as with the awesome front/back design of my new business cards.  Check out his graphic design services which I’d highly recommend after having worked with him on those cards.

The paper inside each of the InkJournal Expresso Lined Notebooks is 100% recycled and the journals are put together with machines that are powered by renewable energy here in the US.  I tested the paper with a Sailor Fine Nibbed Fountain Pen with Noodler’s ink, a Uniball Jetstream, a Sharpie Pen, Pilot Hi-Tec-C, and an OfficeMax highlighter.  All of these pens performed nicely with only very minor feathering with the Noodlers Blue Black ink.  None of the inks showed any significant show through on the other side of the paper and the surface of the paper felt very smooth with the fountain pen nib skating across it.


InkJournal Expresso Lined Journals

For fountain pen users he also has the InkJournal Classic that is designed for logging all of the characteristics of your favorite inks for future reference.  All round Tom has created a nice little line of notebooks that are cost effective and great looking while providing awesome writing performance.  I hope you are as enthusiastic about supporting small business and entrepreneurs as I am, and will give these a try.   I’d certainly take these new InkJournal Expresso lined notebooks over a Moleskine any day, so check out the InkJournal Page and grab some of these for yourself.

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