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Innovative Office Supplies by Jared Joyce on Quirky.com


Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Jared Joyce (Check out Jared on Twitter and FaceBook) who is an inventor that just so happens to have quite a few cool office supplies that he is working on.  In addition to inventing innovative office supplies, Jared also introduced me to an awesome website, Quirky.com which  is a Social Network focused on the new product development process.  The site relies on group feedback to influence products in areas like potential names, packaging, logos, and tag lines.  If you contribute some of this information to a product that ends up being successfully produced and sold, you can in turn earn a small % of revenue from the sale of the products.

As I said, Jared Joyce has lots of awesome ideas for some really cool office supplies, and the videos below show one of those great ideas that you can check out and also influence if you sign up over on Quirky.com.  One of Jared’s office supply inventions that is currently on Quirky.com is called the Tape Stamper, which the videos below do a great job of demonstrating, so check them out.

Personally, once I saw the videos I was convinced of the simple brilliance of the idea, and I’ve already signed up on Quirky.com to vote for it.  I feel like it is the kind of invention that someone like 3M Brands (makers of Post-it notes and Scotch Tape) should be looking into as well.  Go ahead and check it out if you are so inclined, there are a ton of great inventions on the site that are fun to look at and read about, and who knows, maybe you can even make a few bucks, or submit an invention of your own.  Also, please feel free to leave any feedback her on your thoughts about the product, as I’m sure Jared would be happy to hear what you have to say about it.  Here are some quick instructions to find Jared’s Tape Stamper on Quirky:

1) Go to the Influence tab 2) Click on Product #0040

3) Find Tape Stamper among the 32 submissions for the week, you will need to scroll down a bit.


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