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Inseparable destinybags and women

  • By Margaret Seward
  • Published 11/10/2010
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When I was a little girl, my father always complained that my mother bought too many bags. To a man like my father, it is ridiculous and crazy to spend most salary on bags just because they are shiny and smart. One big simple handbag is enough. My mother explained at the first time and she showed dozens of reasons; however she gave up later. “I bought bags for I am a woman!” she said. When I grew up, and when I can’t help going into shops and purchasing bags back home, I can totally understand how my dear mom thought about at that time. Women to bags are like men to ties. Men wear ties fit their suits while women carry bags match their dress. Ties of varied types stand for different social statues for a male while bags of various-class material represent a female’s personal mood in distinct situations. Imagine, you met a woman someday who took a delicate handbag banded by Swarovski crystal to attend an important banquet. Thinking of seldom will she use it in her daily life, you would find it is a necessity in such a big day. This handbag exhibited that she took the party seriously and wanted to be noticed. Two days after the get-together, the lady carried a black laptop bag into a modern building. Obviously, she was going to her office. The laptop bag was simple and not so eye-catching, but it revealed the inner world of the woman. She focused only on her work, and she was confident of meeting with all the challenge in her future career. When you saw her for the third time in a downtown street, she must be with a big leather shoulder bag since she decided to go shopping. She needed to be fashion. Once she reached home, she was informed by her friends that there would be an outing in this weekend. After a few minutes’ hesitation, she made up her mind to bring the most popular straw bale in this season with her. To a woman, a nice straw bag means a happy mood when hanging out with pals. Moreover, sunshine and clouds during the outing color the choice of straw. If something unexpected happened or someone canceled the journey, the woman may grab a bag as she likes and rush out. This time, she must be in a blue mood. So my mom is right. Women buy hundreds of bags just for the reason that they are women. It sounds like an excuse but a true essence. Bags to women are not simply as something to put their belongings into. Instead, bags are best friends to women. Nothing can replace the statue of bags when women grasp them and touch these shiny little things. That’s a feeling of content and loyalty. Bags are able to secure their beautiful hostesses that they will always be with them, ups and downs. What’s more, bags provide every female a platform to show themselves not matter hero or zero. There exits a bag evermore perfectly suits a woman in specific need and time. All in all, it is not women’s fault to own so many bags. It is the fault of charm. Charm from women? Yes. Charm from bags? Also yes. Bags and women are inseparable. They are born to be together and doomed to stay together. That calls destiny.



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