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Inside the wedding dress

Wedding is one of the most unforgettable events in one’s life. Two elements are critically necessary for a would-be bride’s perfect wedding party: the sole mate she deeply loves and the dreamy wedding dress. It would be repentant for the rest of one’s life if she lacks either of them or even both of them. What a woman to wedding dress on her wedding day is what a vampire to blood. All wedding dresses serve one purpose regardless of their age, size or shape: highlighting the beauty of a bride. After trying this dedicatedly-designed wedding dress on, I found myself crazily in love with it. The wedding dress in Matt Pink Stain helps create a romantic atmosphere and show sense of elegance. Peach pink holds its temptation to on-lookers. It is strapless and sleeveless. This kind of design displays that the wearer is sexy, confident and vulgarity-free. It is featured by silhouette in mermaid trumpet, and floor-length with a long train sweeping behind. With feet covered, the bride is as mysterious as attractive mermaid who sings so moved to summon spirits. In other words, brides putting on this gown are to be sexily charming and nobly elegant. Watch closely and you will find surprises. Chiffon, lightweight, in the shape of the dress, covers on the stain as an escort. Chiffon feels soft and comfortable. It does no harm to brides’ skin. Embellishments add more refined beauty to the dress. On the top of the dress, approximately three-meter wide white appliqué lace pictures blossomed roses. When touching, one feels the ruffles on the lace, as much as like a crown mounted with diamond. Two laps of appliqué lace made respectively between the waist and the lap part shows a spindle-shape. A handmade pink bow is in the middle of them. Bow, in China’s tradition, it means auspiciousness, which brings luck to bridles. The bottom rose lace embellishment indicates an everlasting love. Under this circumstance, roses are always under brides’ feet wherever she is as long as she wears this wedding dress. This sheath leaves me profound expression. Wedding is the end of courtship, at the meanwhile; it is a flesh start of a new life. This start should begin with a special symbol-wedding dress. This strapless, sleeveless, mermaid wedding dress is going to be my option.



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