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Inspirational Fancy Dress Ideas

  • By Bill Weston
  • Published 01/18/2011
  • Writing

The invitation arrives…your friend is having a party! But wait, it’s not any ordinary party it’s a fancy dress party. At that moment you’ll either be entertaining thoughts of excitement and clearing your schedule to start planning your costume or feeling terrified and planning how you can get out of going along. But fear no more as here are some quality costume ideas to help you embrace the fancy dress party! Superheroes: Always a hit at parties, you can’t go wrong with an established superhero costume like Superman or Batman. Or you could go a bit more obscure and go for a lesser known hero from comic books, or just make up your own original superhero! The Superstar of the Moment: Anyone famous that’s been overexposed in the media over the last year is an ideal dressing up opportunity. Lady Gaga’s sexy costumes, Amy Winehouse’s beehive, anyone that’s famous for being slightly different is ideal. You can be as over the top as you like.

Topical: Chilean Miners or Celebrities that have been in the news recently are also good for inspiration for quality costumes. Be original but don’t get too surreal or lit

eral with it. The last thing you want is to have to describe your costume to everyone all night. Hollywood: Plenty of easy targets here, the obvious ones featuring the most work – The Joker, Avatar, Tron. Or for an easy costume go as Jacob from the Twilight series, you only need a sixpack stomach (real or fake), trousers and shoes. Horror Icons: Vampires, Werewolves, Frankenstein and Zombies are all fair game in the fancy costumes game. Nearly all of these monsters can be done as cheaply or as extravagantly as you want to be with them. Sexy Costumes: As long as you’ve got the confidence (and depending on the costume, the body for it) every fancy dress idea can be turned into a sexy version of itself. Well within reason, no one really wants a sexy zombie confusing their emotions. Historical Characters: A risky move depending on the crowd (being stuck in a corner all night with the idiot that didn’t know who Napoleon was) but dressing up as a character from history is always a winner.

Whatever costume you choose, try and make it original to avoid an embarrassing “doubling up” situation where you have someone dressed the same as you. Being original is also much more fun!



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