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Instructing a Solicitor for a Personal Injury Compensation Claim

When you are injured in an accident for which someone else is at fault, you may seek legal advice and assistance from a solicitor. Whether it is a car accident or an accident at work, you may avail of legal advice and guidance to seek compensation from the individual or organisation at fault. Here are a few details you need to know before you instruct any personal injury solicitors in Dublin.

When do you need to instruct a solicitor? The first step in the personal injury compensation claims procedure is to apply to the Injuries Board Ireland. You may appoint a solicitor from this stage to work on your behalf. There is a limit of two years to make the claim to the Injuries Board. It is better to instruct a solicitor as soon as possible after the accident to make sure that you do not miss this time limit.

Where do you look for a solicitor? You may find recommendations of solicitors from your family or friends or from advertisements. If necessary, you may also opt for an online search. It will be more convenient for you if the solicitor is based near your home or office as you may have to visit him/her more than once. Make a list of the solicitors in your area and check out their details before you choose any one.

How do you choose a solicitor? The first thing to check is the area of specialisation of the solicitors. The solicitors must be qualified, certified and experienced in personal injury claims. If possible, check out their details from online resources. You may also enquire about their details from their office. The next task is to contact them over the telephone or via email and get an appointment.

Why do you need an initial consultation? An initial consultation with the solicitor gives you an idea about the knowledge and expertise he/she has regarding these claims. Make sure they are capable of explaining the claims process in simple, comprehensible terms. You also need to enquire about their fees during this consultation. Check whether this is a no obligation consultation before you get an appointment.

What do you need to provide to the solicitor? A victim of an accident must provide the solicitor with certain details:

  • Every fact about the accident including the date and time of the accident, the reasons for the accident, the witnesses of the accident and so on
  • Every injury you suffered due to the accident including the physical, psychological and emotional effects, any existing injuries and any prognosis
  • Every expense caused due to the injuries including direct expenses like medical costs and indirect expenses like travel costs to the doctor

Whether you are the victim of a car accident or a workplace mishap, you need to provide every detail about the accident and the consequences to the solicitor.

What do you pay for the legal services? If you choose a solicitor who works on a no win no fee basis, you may not need to pay his/her fees before you obtain the compensation for your injuries. The Injuries Board may decide to include your legal costs as part of the compensation order in certain circumstance, such as when the Board advises you to seek legal advice and guidance.

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Andy Flower is a legal expert and consultant. He provides tips and suggestions for individuals suffering from a neck or head injury in an accident for which someone else is at fault. If you are looking for no win no fee solicitors for your personal injury compensation claims, he recommends you visit http://www.accidentclaimsdirect.ie/.


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