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Instructing a Solicitor for Settling an Injury Claim

Is it necessary to appoint a solicitor if most injury claims do not go to the Court? This is something you may ask when you make a claim for compensation. It is true that many personal injury compensation claims are settled by negotiation. Others may proceed to the Injuries Board Ireland for settlement.

Whether the settlement of the injury claim is reached by negotiation between the claimant and the respondent or by the Injuries Board assessment, it is not mandatory to have a solicitor. However, it often makes sense to opt for legal advice and assistance for this.

How can a solicitor help when you opt for an early settlement? At times, an individual or organisation, or its insurance company, responsible for the accident may request for an early settlement of the matter with the victim of the accident. In such a situation, the negotiation skills of a solicitor may be helpful.

The solicitor may also advise you about the value of your personal injury claim. One of the first questions that the victim has about the claim is – how much can you get from the claim? The solicitors have in-depth knowledge of the claims to understand whether the early settlement is appropriate for the injuries and damages that you have sustained.

Moreover, if the individual or organisation that was responsible for the accident is represented by a solicitor, you had better find a solicitor as well. This will ensure that you have the same standing as the other party. Lack of knowledge about the right way to negotiate an early settlement may be a hassle later.  

How can a solicitor help when you go to the Injuries Board? The Injuries Board does not require you to appoint a solicitor to make a claim to them. However, you may find legal help to be quite useful when you take this step. Your solicitor can work as your representative during the Injuries Board assessment.

It is easy to understand each step of the assessment process from a solicitor. He/she can explain what to expect during the process. He/she may also provide the details of what you need to submit to the Injuries Board for an accurate assessment of damages and order an appropriate compensation.

Another task with which the solicitors can help you is the paperwork. He/she can help you fill out the application form and get the treating doctor to fill out the medical assessment form. Moreover, he/she can also advise you about the relevant documents, such as your salary details or medical bills, you need to submit.

At times, claimants do not want to incur the costs of appointing a solicitor when they already need to handle the medical costs. To solve this problem, you may try to search for no win no fee solicitors to work on your behalf.

It is possible to find solicitors to work on the claim on the basis of conditional fee agreements. However, this may only be available if the solicitors consider that your claim has the merit to succeed. Consult a solicitor and discuss the details of the accident and ask whether he/she will work on it on a conditional fee basis.

 Author Bio

Andy Flower is a legal expert and consultant. He provides a brief overview of the ways in which solicitors may help in the settlement of accident claims with negotiation or by an Injuries Board assessment. Whether you have suffered an injury at work or an injury in a car crash, a consultation with a solicitor is, in most cases, a good idea.


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