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Insurance Jobs in London

When you are researching insurance jobs in London either online or in a newspaper, you will see several familiar agency names which seem to take up the most display space and offer the most lucrative openings. However, biggest is not always best, and choosing a smaller niche agency to work with pro-actively can be to your long term benefit.

One of the problems that low profile agencies face is that for many job seekers the market appears to sewn up. It is a fact that many of the larger agencies will enjoy ‘preferred supplier’ status with larger insurance companies and have a large advertising spend. Candidate screening (and even first round interviews) are carried out by the agency (there is usually more than one). Your speculative approach to an insurance company may often (but not always) be referred back to one of the preferred agencies. However, many appointments are still made outside the ‘large agency’ network, and smaller agencies can still open doors for you. ‘Preferred suppliers’ do not have full control.

If you are considering a new position, then you will likely have far more attention from a smaller specialist agency than from a larger, multi-sector FTSE-listed company. Getting to know a few small agencies which specialise in the insurance sector is a worthwhile investment of time. They will see a good candidate as an income stream for the future, and perhaps one day you might even become a buyer of their services. By all means keep your profile up to date with one or two of the larger companies as well – none of us know how the business landscape will look in ten years time.

When you do find a new position, then be sure to write to your agency contacts with updated career details. You will also get updates from individual recruitment consultants too, as their personal careers progress – keep track of them.

About the Author : Emily Inglis is a writer and supporter of insurance jobs in London.



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