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Rap battles are just similar to the ancient practises of flyting. There will be a saxophonist to improvise and the other members of the band help in the beat periodically. There is no lyric of elegant grammar that is already composed for the tunes, it is just sung then and there with great presence of mind.  That is why it comes under free style rapping. Old school hip-hop news reveals that the new rap songs mostly do not follow the free style pattern.

There are more names by which rapping are called under different circumstances. Some call it to be spitting bars, some say it to rhyme and many other informal names that are quite familiar in the local areas are available for rapping. Rap news, updates could be obtained as and when you would like to get them as you become member in the dedicated site for rap music videos. They send you periodical mails on the latest hip hop news and all those details about the online rap music updates in a timely fashion.

 The best advantage here is you need not even open up the mail and check it out to waste your time if you find the topic to not to be interesting enough for you. It is why most of the rap songs online, these days are uploaded after great scrutiny in order to give best satisfaction to the listeners. The hip hop rap news, messages that they send might not be quite interesting all the while for everyone. Tastes of individuals differ from one person to the other. Hence, if the topic is of your interest then you could certainly go ahead and open the mail and try participating in the event too.

The rap battle videos that are currently popular will be available for the members of the site. Rap battles videos of certain kind are available for nominal costs too. The hot news hip hop, of the latest kind is the talk of the town and one need to be always updated about this information periodically if they do not want to be lost during a meet, or gathering. Only a few people are genuinely talented in music in depth. Most others just bluff around with superficial knowledge about the topic. Rapping needs exceptional talent which is inborn in and individual so as to perform well and stay longer in the minds of the audience even after the event is over.

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