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Interior Hotel Design Makes Luxurious Look

  • By Chris Donohue
  • Published 10/17/2011
  • Poetry

Whether the requirement is to make the looking of hotel luxurious, there must be involvement of interior design. There are wide varieties of interior design factors that are helpful in making the guests of the hotel more pleasant and happy. Many hotel owners think that outer or exterior design has much importance than interior design as guests attracts with any hotels from their exterior design. But the reality is not like that. If you want to make your customer base for long terms perspective, you should emphasize on the interior design. Customer can stay in your hotel first time by looking exotic exterior design of hotel but they will not come again if they fins that interior design is not meeting with the standard design. Interior design of lobby is very important as guests use to spend majority of their time in crossing the lobby as it is the central part of the hotel. Many times, guests sit in the lobby for refreshment. Hence, it is vital that the entire decoration of the lobby should be well coordinated so that the image of lobby will be give you long lasting impression. Lobby also reflects an overview of hotel in visitors’ mind that’s why its design is very important along with other parts of the hotel such as restaurants, guestrooms as well as business center. Interior design of room should not be based on any personalized themes as it’s not a part of a family. First of all, overall style of the room should be decided. The style should be adopted in a way so that all kinds of people like it. These styles should be changed from time to time on the basis of current trends. This should always be updated so that guests could feel contemporary looks & designs. Curtains and the use of heavy pattern fabrics give the cozy look of hotels’ room. There are varieties of modern, opaque color curtains available in the market which gives distinctive look to the room. Carpet also makes the looking of the hotel luxurious. There are wide ranges of carpets with versatile designs and styles available in the market. Hotel designer choose the distinct designed carpet for hotel’s lobby, business center or guest rooms. Carpet shows the status of the hotel. Hence, hotel designer always prefers to use good quality carpets in various parts on the hotel. If you are not able to do interior design of your hotel, you must consult to a professional interior designer who can help you as per your specific requirements. Reward Hotel Projects has been a leader in hotel design & construction in Australia for many years. We have done interior design of many leading hotels in Australia till the date. For more information please visit: hotel interior design



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