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Internet Marketing Tip: Business is Slow? Be Your Own Best Client

  • By Cathy Goodwin
  • Published 11/15/2008
  • Writing for the Web

A few weeks ago, I was explaining to “Linda” why I couldn”t accept her invitation to a networking event. “I”ve just gotten really busy and I need to invest time in marketing,” I explained. “Of course you”re probably at a stage where your marketing takes care of itself.” “Actually I”m having a slow month,” Linda admitted. “So I”m working on my yard instead of hiring a lawn service.” Many of my clients are like Linda. They’re working for themselves, but they still think like employees. They don’t realize they have the power to increase their income, not just reduce expenses. So what can you do when nobody’s knocking on the door and the phone isn’t ringing? My own answer comes from advice I received a long time ago: “Become your own best client.” Linda had become her own best client — of a lawn service. Not bad, except that she”s a copywriter who specializes in health care marketing. Linda needs to hire herself for her professional skills and leave the lawnmower, rake and pruning shears to someone else. That’s the best part of being a businessperson. During slow times, you hire yourself. For example I write new sales letters for my info product. I revise sales letters I wrote two years ago (because I’ve learned a lot since then). I create new products and programs.

So I wanted to tell Lind

a, “During slow times, create an information product to sell to your website visitors. Then you can write copy for your product. “The possibilities are infinite. Depending on your talents and interests, you can also design websites for your product, develop pay-per-click campaigns, create teleseminars to promote your product, write 10 articles to deliver traffic to your site, or…” If she”s not the Internet type, Linda could begin creating live workshops to present in her own city. She could create booklets to sell in hard copy form. If you”re a mathematically oriented person, you might enjoy playing the numbers more than plying your trade with words. Pay-per-click programs will fit your talents. Of course, if you actually own a lawn service, you can still create information products. Being gardening-challenged myself, I would have benefited from “Ten tips to pruning your own roses” when I lived in a house with a yard. Definitely I would have attended classes on, “How to plant a new fence-climbing vine after you”ve killed off all the other ones.” But if you”re gifted with roses, you might be wise to hire a copywriter who”s more comfortable with words than weeds. You”ll come out ahead in the long run.

And when I apply my professional skills to my own business, I find clients seem to come, almost without effort. There”s something magic about being busy, as long as your action has purpose and direction.



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