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Internet Marketing To Attract Clients Who Are Perfect For Your Professional Practice

  • By Cathy Goodwin
  • Published 11/16/2008
  • Writing for the Web

Independent professionals (such as lawyers, financial advisors, coaches, and consultants) can grow their practices through internet marketing. Imagine: no more driving to rubber chicken networking lunches or speaking to groups after a busy day of serving your current clients. But with a few copywriting tips, you can use internet marketing to screen your prospects. You can grow your practice with not just More Clients but More Ideal Clients. You know you have Ideal Clients when you look forward to their calls. And they enjoy working with you. They benefit from your services in significant ways and refer others to you. Here are 3 ways your web site, blog and other Internet Marketing tools will help you sign up ideal clients (without leaving your living room). (1) Engage like-minded clients by writing with an edgy style that reflects your personality. They’ll recognize a kindred spirit. Are you offering a service? You’ll need to work with clients who will enjoy the way you think, talk and act. Will they enjoy your off-beat sense of humor? Will they be offended by your references to body parts? Might as well find out now.

(2) Declare your values. You don’t have to think of big values like integrity and freedom. Focus on how you like to work with clients and what

kind of process you use. For example, coach “Tim” is fanatical about appointments. His ideal clients show up on time and rarely ever cancel. Tim’s values include showing up on time, even if you’re getting over a cold or your computer just hiccuped. He’s a “no excuses” guy and his clients appreciate knowing he’ll be equally committed to their appointments. Coach “Laura” will be more flexible about appointments but she wants clients who take risks and focus on action. She gets impatient with clients who want to spend three sessions exploring “what if” before they make a move. (3) Tell your website readers exactly what you are looking for. Come right out and say, “I’m not for everybody.” Marketers who offer coaching programs often say, “Don’t other to sign up if you’re a whiner or complainer.” They set the ground rules before the clients show up. Tim can set up his rules about appointments on his “clients” page and his “services” page. Now he won’t get calls from clients who want the luxury of last-minute appointment changes. Laura can focus her site on action-oriented coaching. She can describe her services in terms of action and include recordings of sample sessions.

Best of all, Laura and Tim avoid the temptation of accepting clients who are all wrong for them. Their websites will say “No way” before the client makes the first phone call.



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