Interview Attire Etiquette For Women

In this day and age when it’s extremely hard to land a job, you must always remember to dress to impress. For men, getting ready for an interview is as simple as putting on a pair of pants, a blazer and a tie. However, for females, it is an extremely difficult task.

What you wear on an interview can and will determine whether or not you get a job.

One thing to remember is that no matter what position you are interviewing for, always keep in mind that you are not going out for a night on the town with your friends. Jeans, mini-skirts, stilettos, tank tops and exposing your cleavage are huge fashion blunders when it comes to interview etiquette.

Replace those jeans with a nice pair of slacks. Instead of that mini-skirt with the slit on the side, consider putting on a knee length A-line skirt. A buttoned-up blouse looks more professional than a blouse that exposes your chest for the world to see.

If you do decide to wear a suit, make sure the suit isn’t too tight. Women love to wear clothes that accentuate their curves, but that type of clothing isn’t necessary for an interview. If you normally wear tight clothing, shop for a suit that is a size bigger than normal.

Not many women realize that when they wear a skirt to an interview, they need to wear a pair of panty-hose or stockings. Stockings and panty-hose gives off a more professional look, especially if you’re wearing a suit that exposes your legs. The job you apply for will notify you, if you land the job of course, what the dress code will be. But until then, it is better to be safe then sorry.

It’s no secret that every candidate needs to stand out during an interview, but wearing flashy colors are not the appropriate way of doing that. Gray, black and white are the most common colors worn to interviews. These colors are neutral and they blend in with an office setting. Most people associate black with funerals, sadness or evil. When it comes to dressing for an interview, however, it presents you as a professional and polished individual.

Women should also pay close attention to the amount and type of jewelry they wear when going in for an interview. Less is definitely more; going into a meeting looking like Mr. T would be interview suicide. Females should also stay away from big hoop earrings, plastic covered earrings and long necklaces. Jewelry like this is a huge distraction and no job interviewer will take you seriously.

Your hair and your face are the first two things a person sees when meeting you, therefore it is extremely important to make sure they are both properly groomed. If you do wear make-up, please make sure you use subtle colors and tones. Club make-up is vastly different from the make-up you would wear to an interview.

Men can easily roll out of bed and go to an interview without combing their hair. However, this isn’t the case for females. Bed hair and loose pony tails are great styles when you’re taking a morning jog or hanging out with friends. However, for an interview, slicking your hair back in a neat pony tail or bun would be beneficial to your professional attire.

Always remember that it’s your personality and work ethic that need to stand out, not your wardrobe.


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