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Introduce the classic louis vittion handbag

  • By Howarde Johnson
  • Published 06/14/2011
  • Sample Category

Founded in 1854, Louis Vuittion gets a great popularity among the customers who like fashion and luxury a lot. We can easily find that is why so many people like to plagiarize LV’s design. However, LV has been standing in the top position of the international fashion industry, and its real reason is that LV has its own special brand features. First of all, Louis Vuitton highly respects and cherishes his own brand that he always holds the attitude of pursuing excellence. And the designers focus on art, creativity and innovation. What’s more, the other success for LV is that they strive to create a “family” feeling for their customers. LV has several series, here I’d like to introduce you the classic one, LV Monogram handbag. POCHETTE MILLA This series of handbag is named by the versatile artist, Milla Jovovich. It perfectly combines practicality and the signature style of LV. This handbag is multi-purpose, delicate, and it can be fitted with day and evening wear. It is made by monogram canvas, and decorated by the trim golden brass. Inside the handbag, there exists an internal compartment bag so you can put the little stuff in it. Gold metal chain can be attached to other Louis Vuitton bags. Although this brown handbag looks tiny, it is convenient for you to attend the balls or parties with several things. Simple design, high quality, elegant style attract lots of LV fans. Classic LV monogram handbag This one looks simple but noble. Look at its shape, it is the classic form of LV. Its upper body is beautiful and decent. The key is that it owns reasonable price and top quality. And you may appreciate its capacity of it, you can carry lots of things you need conveniently. Also, the leather is not smooth that it has a abrasion proof facings, but you will find the texture will become shiny and flexible if you maintain it properly. Also, the handle of this handbag is smooth, rounded and no corrugations. With the exquisite and delicate craftsmanship, this handbag uses the best materials and most advanced technology so it is truly the high-end product. Most importantly, it is suitable for many occasions. Don’t you desire to have your own -Gucci handbags on sale at very affordable price?



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