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Introduction of latest cartier watches

  • By caius red
  • Published 02/9/2011
  • Fiction

Cartier watches are famous for the design spirit of passion and chic style. Recently, Cartier watch releases the items with automatic locker mechanical movement. They would be the leading symbols to combine watch artwork and creative design. This article may provide some hints of Cartier watches for your reference.   Cartier hollow floating tourbillon watch The thick and solid case with outstanding watch circles would be impressive advantage for hollow floating tourbillon watch. The strong and large case with eye-catching Roman time mark stands for the handsomeness of male users. At the same time, the soft and smooth case applies the natural slide design and smooth painting decoration. The tripe-point window design on dial is full of ancient atmosphere. It also makes use of elaborate decoration by blue gems and crystals to show the modern style.   Cartier 1904MC watch Cartier watches with 1904MC movement soundly integrates the technical design and beauty. Such items apply the precision checking system with the minute cease device. The watch could fulfill the tiny precision adjustment for watch movement at any time. The center position of movement installs the automatic locking system to speed up the tourbillon process. It could ensure the stable running even after the strong collision. The double-locking system could provide power for smooth movement driving. In addition, the tourbillon design focuses on the elaborate manufacturing of necessary accessories.   Cartier Calibre wrist watch   Calibre watches series fulfill the perfect combination of inner devices and outer frame structure. 120 precision carve on the dial proves the satisfying crafts of movement and easily leads us to imagine about the inside systematic gears. The transparent case may clearly illustrate the core movement design to users. It also takes comfortable wearing experience into consideration. According to the perfect wrist curve theory, Cartier Calibre successfully provides natural and comfortable sense as the second level of skin.



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