Investing in Alternative Energy Stocks

There have been many ways over the years that people have chosen companies to invest in, and one popular method that many people use is to buy stocks of companies that are morally sound. They either choose businesses that go out of their way to be good citizens in society, or they shun companies that represent what they think of as a detriment, such as cigarette companies or ones that make alcohol.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the latest version of this strategy for people who are concerned about the environment is to invest in “green” companies. Whether they buy stock in corporations that produce energy in an alternative fashion, or companies that choose to do business in a way that tries to conserve, followers of this movement certainly put their money where their heart is, and can feel good that the companies in which they are investing are trying to help the world.

Alternative Energy is one sector that is part of this group of businesses. These are companies that research and develop ways to produce energy through methods that do not rely on fossil fuels, so as to be renewable for future generations.

Always remember to consult your broker before buying these or any stocks. This article is not a recommendation to buy any of these stocks; it is simply a listing of public corporations that are in the alternative energy sector.

Wind Power

There are several public companies that are in the wind power business. Of course, one option is to go with large, established companies that have wind power divisions, such as General Electric (GE), or Puget Sound Energy (PUGSP.PK). But if you are looking for a pure play in this sector, public companies such as Wind River Systems, Inc. (WIND) and Western Wind Energy Corporation (WND.CA) are available to invest in.

Solar Power

Solar stocks can include companies that generate power from solar cells, and it also includes businesses that manufacture solar equipment. As with wind power, there are several large utilities that are dabbling in this technology. One public corporation that is 100% in the solar power business is JA Solar Holdings (JASO), which makes solar cells that are designed to be incorporated into solar conversion systems and photovoltaic modules.

Geothermal Energy

One up and coming way to generate renewable energy is through Geothermal Heat, which involves tapping the heat that naturally occurs deep within the earth to generate power. U.S. Geothermal (HTM), which trades on the AMEX, develops these resources for electrical power and direct uses. Polaris Geothermal (PGTHF.PK), is a smaller company, with a much smaller market cap. This business is currently developing a geothermal resource in Nicaragua.


Through the development of biofuels, one day our engines will no longer run on non-renewable fossil fuels such as gasoline. They will use plant-based fuels that can be grown from the ground. GreenHunter Energy (GRH), has many renewable fuels assets, among them Biomass facility in California and a huge BioDiesel plant in Houston, Texas. This stock currently trades on the American Stock Exchange.


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