iPhone and iPod Touch Applications

iPod Touch is the newest tech gadget available today. It is both a portable media player and wi fi phone at the same time. It was produced and created by the Apple Company. These newest gadgets from Apple are using the same multi touch technology that is found on the previous models of iPhone. This touch screen system can let you see movies, look into photographs, listen to music and even buy directly from iTunes store. This iPod touch got a feature that includes a widescreen display that is 3.5 inch 320 x 480 pixels. It has also a wifi support and network. This is the first iPod that has a feature of wireless capabilities. If you want to surf the net then the safari browse is perfect for you.

The iPod touch can also adjust its display automatically whether you want landscape or portrait. This can be done through a built in sensor called the accelerometer. There is also a touch keyboard that you can use. This iPod touch has light sensors that automatically adjust to the brightness of light in your surrounding and as a result this can really be battery efficient. This has a battery life of approximately 22 hours where you can play video or music. This iPod touch has a dimension of incredible 8mm thick, 110mm high and 61.8mm wide. You might wonder how the Apple company can squeeze in technology in such a little device.

  • In terms of communication, iPod touch has a multi protocol IM application and it has email capabilities that include connecting to Gmail and Yahoo. It can also have an iSms capability.
  • iPod touch also got a number of multimedia capacity including radio and itunes for your iPod. There is also a camera that has certain number of features. If you like to upload lyrics, then you can do it with real-time lyrics application. You can also upload books in your iPod touch.
  • You can also access the net using websearch application. You can also do sketches using the white board tool and drawing pad.
  • The iPod touch also got a number of good utilities. The openssh can transfer iPhone data to your laptop. The Dropcopy is great tool to share files between phone and desktop. The installer is the program for third party business making its easier on your part. The Navizon is just like a Gps and gooogle maps combined. You can also customize these apps based on the order you want.
  • If you love games, this iPod touch application got you covered because it has quite a number of games including some all time favorites ones. You will be impressed by the animation of each game. It can really make you addicted to it. Some of the games include Nes, solitaire and huarongdong.
  • There is also a FireflyMediaServer that can be found in your iPhone. This is an application where you can combine your iPod library to iTunes library.
  • There is also a dictionary application that can search through a lot of dictionary databases.
  • For students, there is an iStudy which is a flashcard application where you can download contents to your phone.

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