iPhone Applications for Travel: Top Picks

Here are some top iPhone applications to make your travel trouble-free and convenient.

Audio Phrasebooks

Do you have trouble speaking a foreign language during your travels? Lonely Planet now comes to your aid with its audio phrase books available for download in the Apple App Store. Each audio guide provides you with about 600 commonly used phrases that can help you cope with a local lingo when it comes to shopping or chatting up hotel staff or the local taxi driver. Among the languages supported are Cantonese, Czech, Thai, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish and Vietnamese among many others.

CurCon Currency Converter

Do you need to convert your dollars to a local currency quickly and easily? Try the CurCon Currency Converter. All you need to do after activating the application is enter the amount you wish to convert in the text field. Then choose the currency you want to convert to from the provided list. If you need the latest rates, choose the Update Rates option. Rates do not update automatically to save on roaming costs. It does so only when you need an update. Sixty-five currencies are supported. Among them are Australian dollars, Great Britain pound sterling, Malaysian ringgit and Singapore dollars.


This application provides you with the latest international flight status. You will be among the first to know about flight delays and cancellations as and when they occur. You will also be privy to real-time information of gate changes, information relating to baggage claims and information relating to aircraft. With the help of the live flight tracking maps, you can keep in touch with the flight progress of family members and friends quickly and easily. With the live weather radar overlays, you stay ahead on information relating to potential delays and cancellations of flights. With the application you can also obtain live information on flights provided by FlightStats whose coverage of flights was given top ranking by The Wall Street Journal. With this feature, you’ll be able easily to track flights in the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Russia, India and Japan, among other countries. If you’re bored while waiting for a delayed flight, you could keep yourself occupied by shaking your iPhone to track flights leaving and arriving from Tokyo to London or anywhere in between. Once you’re flying, you get to review flight details in the offline mode. With this feature you get to learn the last-known information relating to arrival and departure times and airport gate information.


Need a taxi to head somewhere quickly. Use this application to make a taxi come to you. The 2008 iPhone Dev Camp recognized it as the most useful iPhone application. The application lets you use your iPhone’s built-in GPS to locate cab services in the neighborhood and connect to them to request a cab.


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