iPhone Replacement Plans


Authored by Phil Dotree in Gadgets
Published on 10-24-2009

The iPhone is an extremely valuable piece of technology. It’s Apple’s new flagship product, and regardless of the model you own, you want to protect it.

Unfortunately, the iPhone isn’t easy to fix if something breaks. This has made iPhone protection fairly difficult. However, there are iPhone replacement plans available, and they can help you keep your iPhone in working condition if something should go terribly wrong.

The most common iPhone replacement plan is the Apple Care plan. This is usually available at the store or AT&T location where the iPhone is purchased. It protects an iPhone user’s device for up to two years after the iPhone was purchased. Basically, it’s an extension of the Apple warranty, which usually covers any technical problems and replacement of an iPhone for a single year. The Apple Care plan needs to be purchased when the iPhone is purchased. It comes in a small box, with details as to what a consumer should do if their iPhone has any issues. If you buy the Apple Care policy, be sure to hold on to the documentation.

The Apple Care plan also provides consumers with a number to call to help with iPhone problems and general use questions. This number is available for all iPhone users for ninety days. However, those who purchase the Apple Care plan have access to the support number for two years. This can be a helpful way to fix minor iPhone problems without sending it in for a replacement. Technical iPhone users probably won’t get much benefit from the phone number, however. The Apple Care iPhone Replacement plan costs about $70. It’s registered to the iPhone that you buy it for, so you may need your iPhone serial number. Be sure to buy the Apple Care plan from a reputable seller. Avoid websites like eBay and Craigslist. Plans sold on these sites might not provide enough protection.

Third party iPhone replacement plans are available. Usually, these operate through the department store where you bought and activated your iPhone. Best Buy offers a product protection guarantee which should serve to provide some insurance on the iPhone. Third party iPhone replacement plans vary quite a bit in cost. Usually, they’re at or under the price point for the Apple Care program. Most consumers will be better off using the Apple Care plan, as it provides great protection straight from Apple. Bringing third parties into the mix unnecessarily complicates things. If you find a third party iPhone replacement plan that you like, be sure that it will work with your phone provider. Shopping around for a third party plan might get you a better rate or more protection.

An iPhone replacement plan may be a good way to insure your expensive device. It can provide peace of mind if you’re the type of person who worries about electronics breaking. They’re also fairly inexpensive. iPhone fans should remember to buy one as soon as possible if an iPhone replacement plan is something that they need. Otherwise, replacement plans may not be available for purchase later on.


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