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Ireland Holidays: Spending a Few Days in a Dreamland

  • By jack smith
  • Published 02/24/2012

Sun kissed beaches, rugged mountains, serene lanes, peaceful woods…. Nature at its best, probably these would be the right words to describe Ireland. If you call it one of the most romantic places of the world, it will not be an exaggeration. Ireland is romantic in its true sense. Just go through the Irish poems and you will understand what has inspired the poets to write such beautiful pieces of literature. Ireland is a haven for nature lovers. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, if you want to go far away from the hectic daily schedule, spending a few days in Ireland can be the right choice for you. Once you come to this place and spend a few days in the lap of nature you will simply hate to leave it.

Ireland has become one of the major tourist destinations of Europe over the time. People from all over the world come to this place in search of beauty and peace. It may be small in size, but as far as the blessings of Mother Nature is concerned, the country stands second to none. Just take a walk down the lanes or simple sit on the beach for hours, go for trekking and drink the beauty of the snowcapped mountains or spend lazy afternoons rowing in the lakes, each and every experience will be equally satisfactory. This is the reason that people call it a dreamland.

Ireland is the perfect destination for honeymoon couples. You can enjoy each others company amidst of serene surroundings and your precious moments will be made even more special by the sounds of waves, the silence of the woods and the tranquility of the mountains. While your body and soul melt in each others arm all that will interrupt the silence is the chirping of the birds.

Your stay can be made even more memorable if you choose a castle to stay in. Ireland is home to many castles. The royal ambiance, the traditional décor and an unusual feeling will take you to a dream world. Staying in a castle in Ireland will be a lifetime experience for you. Especially if you have come for honeymoon, your Ireland trip can not be completed without staying in a castle. It is true that staying in a castle can be a little expensive. But you will have a lifetime experience which you can not get otherwise. Staying in a guest house or hotel can never bring that special feel. So go for a castle, if you have decided to come to Ireland for your honeymoon.

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