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Is a wallet worth your monthly salary?

Sally, my best friend, and I just graduated from university. She works in a small company as a secretary, earning nearly three thousand yuan every month. I¡¯m a teacher in a middle school. Although we are not rich, we enjoy being independent of parents. One day, Sally showed me a very stylish wallet, which she bought for her boyfriend as a birthday present. The branded wallet was crafted from snakeskin, which looked tasteful, but expensive. I was quite right. The branded snakeskin-made wallet cost her the whole month¡¯s salary. The word ¡°Ridiculous¡± came out of my mouth immediately. I said to Sally that she must be mad to buy such an expensive wallet and how about her life in the following days, while she said that I was out of date because the latest branded wallet was worth that price and what mattered was that it was bought for the person she loved. Yes, it is worthwhile to do everything for the person you love and I also understand that different people may have different views on purchasing. But we should take something into consideration before making any decisions. Can we really afford a three thousand yuan wallet? No. At least, for two young girls, just graduating from university without any extra savings, three thousand yuan means something more. When your landlady knocks on the door to ask for the next month¡¯s rent or your friends ask you to have dinner in a restaurant or one of your family members need to do an operation but lacks an amount of money, you may realize that if only I didn¡¯t use up all my money. There are people who spend all their life savings to buy a house, but the two are in different situations. Putting all your savings into buying a house is acceptable, for savings are money you put aside for some emergencies on the base of guaranteeing the daily life, whereas using up the monthly salary to buy a wallet, which is not so important and necessary, is unacceptable especially when you don¡¯t have some kind of purchasing power. That¡¯s why people invent the mortgage and the credit card to allow people to use money ahead of time, but the two are with a purpose of guaranteeing your present life. Then I also have another question that is what the function of the wallet is. The wallet is invented to keep money for people, isn¡¯t it?  When you use up all money to buy a very luxurious wallet but then find that there is no more money to put in it, don¡¯t you think that it is very ironic? I don¡¯t mean that the wallet is not worth buying. Rewarding yourself for your efforts with a very good wallet also enhances the passion of work, but only when you needn¡¯t to worry about your accommodation or borrow money from your parents or friends, can you spend a month¡¯s salary to buy something beyond your ability. Another day, after Sally¡¯s boyfriend¡¯s birthday party, Sally told me I was right that her boyfriend was moved but blamed her for spending so much money without considering her own financial problem. Since then, Sally has become a very good habit of spending each yuan, though she still will spend three thousand yuan buying a bag. The author passionately suggest you to use the best omega seamaster watches distributed by esteemed company.
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