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Is Article Marketing The Most Effective Method?

  • By Michael Hehn
  • Published 05/17/2008
  • Article Writing

Article marketing is the most effective method of increasing traffic without any cost involved. You can place these articles i.e. blogs, directories, social networking sites etc. which will help visitors who read your article find your website by using back links. It is a simple matter to submit your article to these places which should, wherever possible, be popular websites; an increase in visitors to your site should happen quite quickly. This is the benefit of using popular sites that have authority and providing they accept your contribution it will help you as well; by improving your standing, you will by default, also improve the level of trust people have for you. If you perform this article marketing and submission process on a regular basis, people will begin to search for your material and trust your work. Convincing people of your knowledge in certain areas ensures they will always trust what you write. Incoming links to your site from people that trust your work will boost your ranking with the various search engines; by default this will increase the number of organic visitors you receive that have searched for something your site has information on. The more websites that link to yours, the more traffic you will achieve; all at no charge, so free advertising is possible.

Article marketing not only allows links in the body text of the article but in the resource box at the foot of the page. Your article must have good content if you want it placed in man

y websites because this in turn will link back to your own website which of course will increase the website ranking. Just how quickly you will visited by a search engine and listed can vary enormously from a day to months! Although you cannot rush the search engines directly, submitting more articles and using the authority sites will help enormously. Using article marketing to improve your website will also involve adding content regularly which will also help boost rankings. Bear in mind that when people visit your site, they are unlikely to want your product without learning more about it. The more truthful you are about what you are doing, the more visitors will appreciate it providing the information you supply is relevant to their search. Once you have them on your site you can show them the benefits of what you are promoting. Doing it this way ensures the visitor is not mislead and is happy to be shown what you are selling. By doing this you are securing any order you make and will receive less refund requests.

Article marketing this way will ensure you will always get new visitors and retain existing ones; however, it does require regular submission of articles because it is not a one off process. The aim is to have other website owners link their site to yours in addition to using your content as well; don’t forget, your article will contain information that people are searching for. Article marketing is still by far the easiest way to drive traffic to your website and it doesn’t cost a cent; provided you keep adding unique, but relevant, content to your site, visitors will return.


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by Michael Hehn



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