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Is buying replica designer products immoral?

  • By Edward Smith
  • Published 12/21/2010
  • Poetry

Have this question ever bothered you that whether it¡¯s right to buy replica designer products? Although personally I don¡¯t want to bring this issue up to the level of morality, yet this is the point where the controversy lies. My answer to this will be NO. The big brands and their designers make big fortune from the genuine items which cost the earth. Rich people don¡¯t even need to make clear the numders on the price tags when shopping, but most common people are struggling and living within their means. While I don¡¯t think to enjoy luxuries should be the privilege of the rich. If I have to make it a moral issue, I¡¯ll tell you about the starving children in Ethiopia or Somalia. With so many people suffering out there, is it moral of you to spend such huge amount of money on just a handbag or timepiece? So I don¡¯t think it should be measured with morality. Every person has the right to pursue happiness, including the poor. In this modern lifestyle we lead, with high pace, people tend to get pressure from all directions, it is very important to gain self-confidence and do something for ourselves to get relaxed, otherwise it¡¯s possible for us to get some trouble in mental health. And making us look good is one effective way to do that. Good look always lead to good mood. When you feel happy, every thing you see is beautiful, and no difficulty can frighten you back, which will let you do good at work. But most people can not afford the genuine designer stuff, so they have to give up the right of becoming beautiful? I don¡¯t see any possibility that this is right. If the original items are made for the wealthy, then the replica stuff are for the ordinary people who take the biggest part of the whole population. We can not judge a person by whether he buys replicas or authentic products. It is definitely not morally wrong to buy replica items. You won¡¯t hurt anybody, even the big brands, since they are concentrated on the market of the wealthy class and they will not lose those customers, instead, you are giving more other people jobs by buying replicas and making yourself feel good every day.



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