Is Designer Clothing Worth the Price Tag?

Fans of designer clothing firmly believe that designer clothes look better, fit better, and last longer than their low-end counterparts. While there is no doubt that designer clothes look great, most people simply cannot afford them. Even if you have the funds in your budget, you may be wondering whether designer clothes are worth the high price tag. When trying to decide, you should take several factors into consideration.

Fit is an important part of choosing clothing, and designer clothing is no exception. The most beautiful article of clothing in the world will not work if it does not fit. If you have a hard time finding clothes that fit, designer clothing may the answer to your problem. Although the fit will vary from one designer to the next, the right items will fit perfectly, unlike what you likely experience when trying on clothes in department stores. Clothes that fit properly feel better than clothes that were not designed with your body type in mind.

How an item fits is one aspect of comfort. Another aspect is the way the fabric feels next to the skin. Low-end items are usually made with cheap, rough materials. Designer items use materials of better quality, which naturally feel better to your skin.

When determining whether or not designer clothing is worth the price tag, consider how long you expect your clothing to last. Designer items, while costly, are well made and intended to last many years. In contrast, lower-priced clothing tends to deteriorate rapidly.

Image is another factor when deciding whether designer clothing is worth the high price tag. People in the public eye and in high-profile careers must always look their best, and it seems that everyone is constantly judging them. As a compromise, many people choose designer knockoffs. Before doing this, consider your own circumstances. Some people claim to be able to spot designer knockoffs without fail, and they look down on anyone wearing them. Others see the knockoffs as wiser choices and respect those who make more cost-conscious purchases. If you maintain a high profile and know that people have certain expectations of you, think about whether it is in your best interest to spend money on designer clothing or budget more conservatively.

Self-image is another consideration. If wearing designer clothing makes you feel like a million bucks, it may be worth the occasional splurge if your budget can accommodate it. Also, if you are surrounded by people in designer clothing, it may be best to follow suit, if only to fit in with your peers.

If you spend a lot of money for designer items, you should also be willing to take proper care of them. The cost of maintenance can be high in terms of money and time; hand washing and dry cleaning are essential. If you need to throw everything into the washer and dryer before bedtime so that you can have clean clothes in the morning, designer clothing is not for you. However, if you already budget your time and money for dry cleaning, and if you do not mind skipping the washer and dryer in favor of the sink and a hanger or clothesline, you may be ready to care for some designer clothing.

Everyone is different, and only you can determine whether or not designer clothing is worth the high price tag. Even if you are uncomfortable with the idea of filling your closets with designer items, you may be able to justify splurging on one or two high-end items. The important thing is to consider your circumstances and do what you feel is best for your particular situation.


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