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Is Executive Coaching Effective

Coaching was previously viewed as a tool that will support underperformers. However, today it is widely used to support top executives. Why coaching is required for the executives? That can be an obvious question. Do they lack in few skills or qualities when the company decides for their coaching? No the scenario is somewhat different. Business world undergoes changes frequently and most abled executives sometimes find it difficult to cope with new challenges. Even if they manage to meet those challenges, they can try and excel in their performances.

Why executives need coaches?

When an individual reaches executive level, feedback about the performance become less. Thus, sometimes development becomes stagnant. Some executives do lack in interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. That is not a drawback. Only feedback and guidance from a good coach can help these people to develop their skills and produce best result for their organization.

How a coach works?

Any coaching meant to develop skills of leaders or executives cannot be continued by removing these professionals from their job responsibilities. The coaching has to be delivered at the time when the leaders carry out their day to day works. Every executive is not similar. So a coach can identify what is lacking in a leader observing him or her closely while he or she is performing a job. As well as coach can converse with the executive to find out in what areas he or she requires improvements. Hence, the mentor can guide them to overcome these flaws and develop certain skills that will help them to perform better.

When executive coaching is helpful?

Both organization and executives need to be committed to make a coaching program successful. If only the organization recognize the need for coaching but executive possesses a feeling that he or she knows everything, coaching cannot create necessary result. Usually an organization relies on 360 degree feedback to find out areas in which an executive needs improvement. However, an organization’s aim will only be fulfilled if the executive understands the need of coaching and is ready to undergo changes.

An executive should not seek coaching only because other leaders are benefitted from it. When there is a specific goal that an executive wants to achieve; coaching can help the executive to reach that goal. However, coaching will be most effective when the executive is open to feedbacks and want to introduce changes in his or her working pattern according to guidance and feedbacks from mentor. When the executive thinks that change in behavior and pattern of works is extremely important for his or her team and will benefit the company in long run; that executive should undergo training.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Since Executive Coach is not a member of the company therefore the coach will have an impartial view on the qualities and drawbacks of a person. Unbiased feedbacks from mentor will help the leader to sharpen his or her qualities and develop those lagging skills. The coach will always try so that the executive is ready to face new challenges and can perform for the best outcome of his or herorganization.

About the Author-

Rob is an executive coach. He has shared his experiences as a coach through numerous online blogs. According to him a coach can bring about potential changes in an individual if the person is willing to achieve a goal and is ready to accept changes for that.


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