Is Hair Dye Safe for Pregnant Women?


Authored by Donna Johnson in Pregnancy
Published on 10-28-2009

Once you become pregnant, you may find beauty treatments become more important to you. Getting beauty treatments not only make you feel good about yourself, but allow you to enjoy some much needed relaxation time while someone else takes care of you. However, not all beauty treatments are recommended for pregnant women. One treatment whose safety during pregnancy is often questioned is dying your hair.

Most doctors are in general agreement that it is safe for pregnant women to dye their hair during pregnancy. However, there are not many studies done on the safety of hair dye for pregnant women, so you will want to take some precautions to make dying your hair as safe as it can possibly be.

The first step you can take to make dying your hair safer while pregnant is to wait until you are at least in your second trimester. Although it is generally agreed that it is safe to color your hair at any stage of pregnancy, waiting until the critical first trimester has passed will minimize the risks to your baby even more.

Another way to lessen the risks to your baby when dying your hair during pregnancy is to select a method of coloring that minimizes the dye’s contact with your scalp. This can be highlighting, lowlighting, or streaking. Any method of hair coloring that does not give an all-over color from root to tip will keep the dye from coming into direct contact with your scalp. This will keep the chemicals in the dye from being absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin. The chemicals in hair dye can not be absorbed into your bloodstream through your hair.

If you dye your hair yourself, you should wear latex or rubber gloves when applying the hair dye, no matter what technique of dying you choose. This will again keep the chemicals in the dye from being absorbed into your bloodstream, but through the skin of your hands this time. You should also apply the dye as quickly as possible and do not leave it on your hair longer than the recommended time. Rinse your scalp thoroughly after dying your hair even if you did not do an all-over color, as there is always the possibility that some of the dye may have dripped onto your scalp.

Finally, be sure to use shampoo, conditioner, and styling products made especially for colored hair. This will prolong the life of your coloring job and enable you to wait for a longer period of time before having to have your color touched up. Depending on how fast your hair grows, taking steps to prevent your hair color from fading may allow you to only have to color your hair a couple of times while pregnant instead of going in for touch-ups every 4 to 6 weeks. This decreased frequency of coloring, combined with the precautions outlined above, will allow you to get your hair dyed while you are pregnant and still be secure in the knowledge that it will not affect your growing baby.


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