Is Homogenized Milk Good for Your Health?


Authored by Victor Roffel in Nutrition 
Published on 10-29-2009

Homogenized milk has been altered so the fat is evenly distributed inside the milk. It is primarily used to increase texture of the milk and shelf life. Almost all milk in supermarkets and stores have gone through homogenization. Finding raw milk has become difficult so most people settle with homogenized milk instead. The question is: Is homogenized milk good for your health?

The process of homogenization removes some of the fat content in the milk. This causes the milk to lose some of its calories. On the surface, homogenization gets rid of unwanted content in milk. Many people believe drinking homogenized milk has a lower risk of heart disease than drinking raw milk because of the lower fat content. This might not be true.

Studies have shown that high fat content does not directly increase the chances of heart disease. Fat is in fact, absolutely necessary for the body to carry out its function. Saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat are fat that are important for the body to keep healthy. The only fat that should be avoided would be trans fat. This is not a cause of worry as most products have already removed trans fat.

But what of the studies that proved a high fat diet has a direct correlation to heart disease? Well, the studies are actually not proven but the majority of society have chosen to believe in it. Since then, a high fat diet leading to heart disease has been widely assumed as a fact.

The cholesterol in milk also has nothing to do with heart disease. Many people make the assumption based on hearsay without looking further into truth. Cholesterol is actually needed in the body for absorbing essential fats and for the production of many other hormones. Cholesterol is also needed to produce vitamin D. A study was conducted between a higher level cholesterol group and a control group. It was proven that even though the control group had lower levels of cholesterol, there was no significant difference between both groups.

When milk is homogenized, the fat molecules becomes smaller and bypasses the digestive process in the body. The proteins in milk are then undigested and not broken down. This leads the proteins to be absorbed into the bloodstream intact. This may cause the clogging of arteries and cause chest pain.

In worst case scenarios, a heart attack may occur. Before milk was homogenized, the rate of heart attacks and diseases was not substantial. It was after the decision of homogenizing milk did heart attacks and diseases increase without control.

There is nothing wrong with milk. They contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. Many bodybuilders swear by milk and their wonderful benefits it has for the body. Milk is perfectly fine until it is homogenized. The issue of homogenized milk against raw milk has been in debate for years.

Both sides made good points about why each kind of milk is better for human consumption. But with these much information against homogenized milk, stay on the safer side and do your best to purchase raw milk instead.


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