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Is it worth spending one month's salary on buying a wallet?

  • By firles venkey
  • Published 02/24/2011
  • Article Writing

Is it worth spending one month’s salary on buying a wallet? Nowadays, with the increasingly development of people’s living standard, many people would rather pay more attention to the richness in their material world than in their spiritual world. They pursue luxury stuff, such as LV and Gucci bag at any cost. They even think that it is worth spending one month’s wage on buying a wallet. However, some people hold the dramatically opposed opinion that it is irrational to spend so much money buying a wallet. As far as I am concerned, I agree with the latter that we should be careful with our money instead of abusing them.   To begin with, we should focus on enriching our spiritual world rather than filling the material world with the extremely expensive stuff which have the same function as the cheaper ones. The abundance in spiritual world can promote ourselves and become an internal ability of ours; on the contrary, the satisfaction in material world is temporary. Thus, we should read more books and take part in more social activities to obtain knowledge and experience which is definitely more precious than an expensive wallet in our life.   What’s more, if we have enough money for luxury stuff, we can try to help others in need instead. We should know that the money spending on an expensive wallet can be the tuition for a few needy students to go to school. If we can save the money to help these students, the contribution we have made to society is much more meaningful than the consumption of a wallet. All in all, I believe it is not worth spending one month’s salary on buying a wallet. As a member of the whole world, we should try our best to help people and make a contribution to the world instead of being indulged in material world. The author is a copywriter focusing on versace watches replica.



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