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Is it worthwhile to pay a month's salary for a wallet?

  • By Alan Hastings
  • Published 11/11/2010
  • Satire

Have  you ever considered spending your whole month’s salary on a wallet? If  your answer is affirmative, then do you think it is worthwhile?   With  the improvement of living standard, people begin to invest much more  energy and money in their daily commodities, which are regarded not only  as necessaries but also as the symbol to reflect wealth, social status  and tastes. And just because of the mentality, many people prefer to buy  top-branded wallets, which may cost them even a whole month’s salary.  Some people think such a behaviour is crazy and wasteful, however, I  think it’s worthwhile and can’t be condemned.   As  we know, a wallet of refined pattern and famous brand could speak for  your status and taste. Actually, seldom wallets of high quality are at  favorable prices, especially wallets of some prevalent brands. A wallet  with an exquisite pattern, durable material and excellent quality is  worth its price. Take two famous brands for example. Just imagine how  many people around you would be envious of you and admire you if you own  a Louis Vuitton or Gucci wallet. No doubt that it can make you pleased  and earn your face.   What’s  more, not only can a costly wallet manifest your status and distinctive  tastes, but also it strengthens your confidence although it costs a  great deal of money. The desire of buying such costly wallets will drive  you to work harder. Those who have the strong longing would form a good  habit of formulating perfect working plans for themselves and try hard  to fullfill them timely. At the same time they become thrifty on other  luxurious items in order to afford the wallets. So,  as long as you know the wallet you plan to buy well and appreciate it  from tip to toe, it’s certainly worth your whole month’s salary. Of  course, you need to consider your budget. A wallet of refined pattern  and top brand would be very costly. Therefore, when you are shopping for  such a kind of wallets, stick with your spending limit to avoid  financial problems! Buying  a wallet on the expense of one month’s salary is absolutely worthwhile  owing to the above advantages. Remember all the time, you get what you  pay for. Just pursue your own happiness and live better!



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