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Is it worthy or not?

  • By Ernestine Ernestine
  • Published 06/8/2011
  • Copywriting

Do you have reckon with a question that it is worth or not to buy a purse by a month pay? When I saw the question, I have my answer at once. I will buy the purse if I like it even though it may cost ne a lot of money. In my opinion, purse is a symbol which represent the heart’s position. A purse is not only leave with money, but also reflect the owner’s individual character. So it is very important to buy a suitable and perfect purse for yourself. Maybe that will cost plenty of money of us, but never mind. We can earn money again, and we may can’t meet another purse too beautiful and suitable than the one in our eyes now. We must buy it when we see it no matter how dear it is. If you have a strong purpose to buy a purse, but you hesitate after you look at it’s price which is equal to the money you earn a month. Buy it or you will be regret one day in the future. You must like it very much, you are attracted at once when you find the purse. It lies in the cabinet, quietly and softly, you are very thirst for it. In the event of you have the feeling, don’t hesitate, don’t consider that isn’t worth, buy it followed your deep heart’s desire. As I have said, I think it is worth to buy a purse use the money I earn a month. We can gain money after we spend it, and if we can’t use the money to buy things we like, our lives will not have significance. The experience is not only in buying a purse, but also solving another things.  The author is professional on -evening handbags and publishes articles or blog posts on the niche for a few years. nopicture-6230645


by Ernestine Ernestine



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