Is SelfHypnosis Really Possible?

Is self-hypnosis really possible? This question is one asked by thousands of people each year who want to use self-hypnosis to quit smoking, lose weight or conquer some other challenge in life. So, what is the answer? The answer is ‘yes’. Self-hypnosis can work as long as you follow a few steps. Below are five key ones. They will help you maximize the technique of self-hypnosis.

Step 1: Learn what self-hypnosis is. Hypnosis is the act of artificially inducing an altered state of conscious through suggestion. In layman’s terms, hypnosis is a way for you to change the way you look at the world by using a man-made trigger. Fortunately, this process doesn’t have to include another person (or couch and watch). As a result, you can induce yourself and achieve self-hypnosis without having anyone else in the room.

Step 2: Take a self-hypnosis course. As a novice, you won’t be able induce self-hypnosis without help. You will need to take a course or two from a professional. Start by visiting SelfHypnosis.com. On this site, you can order audios, CD’s and learn more about the positive effects of self-hypnosis. Keep in mind that without being educated on how to do it, self-hypnosis won’t work. For this reason, taking the time to learn how to do it is vital.

Step 3: Practice self-hypnosis daily. Naturally, the more you do anything, the better you get at it. Therefore, after you learn how to do self-hypnosis, you have to practice doing it. Until you get comfortable and start seeing results, you should do it daily. Trying self-hypnosis on the fly without practice will end up in disaster.

Step 4: Try a variety of techniques. Just as with traditional hypnosis, there are various techniques to induce self-hypnosis. Some techniques include visual cues while others trigger words. Try at least three self-hypnosis techniques before you settle on just one. They key is to pick the technique that gives you quick, long lasting results.

Step 5: Use other self-help methods. In order to successfully overcome a difficult challenge, you should use self-hypnosis with another self-help method. For example, if you want to lose fifty pounds, you should diet, exercise and use self-hypnosis. By doing all three, you increase your chances of success. Of course, you can do it by using only one of the three, but the road to reaching your goal will be a long and arduous one.

Step 6: Join a social group of like minds. This last step is the one that will help you stay inspired and on track with your self-hypnosis. As with any change in life, it’s easy to stop doing it if you have no support. As a result, you need to be around like minds. Find a self-hypnosis group in your area by visiting Hypnosis.Meetup.com. Then, meet, greet and get the support your need in your life.

If you follow these six steps, you will find that self-hypnosis works well for you. It can end up being the key that turns to lock that opens the door to all of your dreams.


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