Is There an Effective Corporate Travel Policy?

Authored by Gary Eugene in Travel
Published on 12-15-2008

What is the real deal for a corporate policy that works? It is not true that people who are assigned business trips dislike the company policies regarding travel. In fact, these employees would really want to know what the company expects from them and how they can fully adhere to the policies that have been set. If a certain company travel policy is just and fair and provides the employees the capability to perform what they have to while on the road, there should not be much of a problem there for them.

If you have been tasked to come up with one corporate travel policy, you are actually given the mission from the company’s point of view, to construct a policy that evens out expenses or finances in business. It must be one that gets rid of extra operational costs during travel and gives a certain kind of control within the business expenditures. Here are some specific key areas that you would want to consider to include in this type of corporate policy:

The company can make use of the services of a good travel agent who can look for excellent travel deals for the business. You can only identify and utilize the best rates or deals in travel when traveling needs and business goals for the trip are all stated clearly. It would be very helpful to require employees to seek the aid of the company travel agent since it would provide them with more clarity in handling certain conditions.

Get company credit cards that can be used by traveling employees on their travel assignments. They should be required to make use of this company credit card. This would help you keep track of the expenses incurred during the trip.

Make use of travel rewards promotions. The company can benefit from this since it allows you to redeem miles and convert it for huge discounts that you may add to the budget for travel.

It is imperative that you do not forget to set an amount for the employees to base their expenses for hotel, car rentals, and meals while on the road. This portion of the policy must also be updated and reviewed every year.

Finally, employees usually complain about the reporting since most of the report forms they need to fill out are complicated or very cryptic. Provide a simplified and standardized travel report form with different categories that includes all expenses that the employee might incur. All these might help you come up with a corporate travel policy that works.


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