Is There Scientific Proof for Life After Death

In our very turbulent time, now more than ever it seems, people are increasingly desperate for proof that we do continue to survive beyond physical death. Most religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and others have this belief as part of the core of their ideology, but is there any scientific proof of this?

In 1874, Sir William Crookes published his finding after repeated experiments in the most reknown scientific journal of the time, The Quarterly Journal of Science. All of his experiments were consistently repeated with the same results under strict laboratory conditions.

All of the people who died and then returned from death clearly proved to the various scientific teams that they were still very much aware and alive even though they were not corporeal – that is, living inside the physical body. Professor Charles Richet, the French Nobel Laureate of his time for the main stream medical science of the day, and hard-core skeptic, had this to say about the experiments: “There is more than ample proof that these experimental findings should most definitely prove as documentation of scientific fact.” “The sole purpose of this document is to bring to people’s attention that these discoveries are, in fact, part of the science of subatomic physics. My job is exceedingly simple, all I had to do is mention all of the books that have been published on this subject, but have been suppressed by those who would deny these facts. The biggest reason why this astounding scientific discovery did not cause a major shift in the awareness of humanity at the beginning of this century is because these experiments merely lacked the basis of mathematical theory.”

Sir Oliver Lodge stated in 1929: “We have to be unequivocally guided by these facts; and if these facts, as incredible as they seem to be, and we have to clearly assure ourselves that these are the facts, then there is no other conclusion other than there is secret knowledge to which we have as yet to find the key to unlock this mystery.”

Towards the end of the 20th century scientists found the key, which is the missing mathematical theory to back up and prove these amazing scientific experiments.

In the summer of 1993, one Dr. Kenneth Ring published a dissertation in the Journal of Neath Death Studies concerning people who had been through near-death experiences. These people, while out of their bodies, witnessed documentable events that occurred long distances away from the location of their death. These people invariable not only witnessed these events over these great distances, but stated nearly word for word conversations they over heard between people at these same events. These conversations have also, in all cases, been verified to be true.

Another fascinating phenomenon often occurred as well. This was when the person who had died would appear to someone, usually a family member or other loved one, during their NDE,(near death experience), and these occurrences have always been verified to be true by the deceased and the person to whom they appeared to. It is such evidence as this, even when controlled under strict scientific experimental conditions, that can give unequivocal proof that a person and their consciousness can, and does, continue to exist even after physical death.

So, is there scientific proof of of life after physical death? The answer would seem to be a resounding yes.


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