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Is Your Article A Winner Or Not

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 12/17/2008
  • Article Writing

When you decide to commence with your article writing activity, do you merely engage in writing what comes into your head or do you give it some thought as to the structure and overall composition of the article? Surely you have come across some articles that have merely been thrown together just to provide a mass of words, sentences and no actual coherent concept behind the writing itself. This coupled with the fact that article writing techniques, specifically for the internet, need to embrace the keyword rich content that is required to effectively attain the goals you are seeking to achieve with this process. The use of article writing software has demonstrated that the actual end article is exactly that of a machine produced structure, which many people realize when they try to read it. Therefore the value of the article is missing from the context of the article itself, not providing any real benefit to anyone, but merely generating keywords to establish themselves within the higher ranks of a search engine. This in turn results in a negative influence on the human readers of your article that you have artificially generated and reduces the desired effect of that person clicking through to your website, and generating that much needed sale that you are trying to encourage.

There are various topics and tip

s that are available via the internet to assist you in composing correctly compiled and coherent articles that you can use for the purpose of establishing a qualified customer, who will in turn click through to your site. The majority of these tips and suggestions include that you utilise the first paragraph to provide a clear and concise argument or theory about what your article contains and this initial communication to your reader is perhaps your one and only chance of establishing a meaningful rapport with this potential customer. In short you want to provide a concise, attention grabbing narrative that will encourage the reader to read the entire article and then come and visit your website. Your following points must then follow in a structured and organized manner, addressing each and every point you intend raising in your article. Structure should follow smoothly and your article writing style should encourage the reader to be able to easily read your content, without making it a belaboring task to work through the information.

With your article writing efforts, always keep in mind that the editors of the article directory will reject your article if you try to market within the article. Keep all marketing activities for your resource box, as well as your website. Your article must address a fill a need for the reader and your showroom, being your website, can do the selling and conversion of visitor to customer.


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