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iScholar iQ Notebook Budget Notebook Review


iScholar iQ Notebook Cover

So a few weeks ago when I was getting requests for reviews of “budget notebooks” I was reluctant because I didn’t think I’d find anything great, but boy was I wrong.  By accident I came across this iScholar iQ Notebook that really surprised me.


iScholar iQ Notebook Movable Tabbed Divider

The iScholar iQ Notebook has 100 sheets of 11″x8.5″ college ruled paper that is double coil bound between two sturdy poly covers.  Inside you will find the pages are perforated and there is a movable subject divider with a tab, as well as a double pocket folder in the back of the notebook.


iScholar iQ Notebook Pen Loop

I wasn’t sure what to properly call it, but it isn’t technically a pen “loop” that is in the back cover of the iScholar iQ notebook.  Its basically just a small rectangular cut out in the cover that your pen clip latches onto.  Even with the very large TWSBI 540 fountain pen attached, it didn’t block the paper and cause any issues once attached.


iScholar iQ Notebook Writing Sample

The most impressive thing about this notebook was how well it handled some typically difficult inks.  From fountain pens to Sharpie Pens, the iScholar iQ notebook showed a very minimal amount of showthrough to the other side of the page.  It was so minimal in fact that it didn’t even come out when I scanned the back of the page, however it is visible to the naked eye just slightly.  Additionaly there was also no feathering of the inks anywhere on the page.  Considering the fact that this is a ” budget” notebook, I think that this is a pretty big deal in terms of the performance of the paper.  For the student (or anyone else) looking for a low cost notebook that also holds up well to fountain pens and other inky pens, the iScholar iQ Notebook seems to be a great option.

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