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It's more than a purse

  • By Jimmy H Greenberg
  • Published 11/19/2010
  • Article Writing

I had never thought that I would own such a branded purse when I was only a high school student. I remember it was a nice day and I went shopping with my best friend Michel. We stopped when we passed by a chain store. We were fascinated by the purses and handbags in the shop window and were shocked by their prices. I could not help entering the store with an idea of fulfilling my greedy eyes, instead of buying any one of them. With the enthusiastic recommendation of the salesgirl, I selected a pink purse with a shining and exquisite diamond on the front. Unfortunately, I was too excited to hold it. The purse fell down from the topmost shelf. I stared at the diamond which was separated from the purse with my mouth open. I broke the purse. It was a tragicomedy that I owned the branded purse. However, it was the most extravagant purchase I had ever made. In the following days, Michel and I had to say goodbye to our favorite books, magazines and snacks because we had no spare pocket money.

¡° Where is my diamond? ¡&p

lusmn; I had called my purse ¡° diamond ¡± since then. ¡° Where did you put it? ¡± Michel asked me. I remembered I had put it in the right-hand drawer before I fell asleep. ¡° My god! I think someone has stolen it when we are dreaming. ¡± I said in a tone of certainty, because I found that we hadn’t locked the door and all desks in our dormitory were in a terrible mess. I kept searching my diamond until one day I noticed the bulletin board outside the dormitory building. On the board, it said someone had picked a pink purse and the description of it was so familiar to me. I dialed the telephone number according to the board without any delay.It was a happy ending. I met my purse again although it was empty. The thief took away the money in the purse and threw it away beside a bin. I owed to his poor shooting the coming back of my purse. I made friends with Emma, the girl who returned my purse.Now I have graduated from university. My purse has been with me for many years. It becomes a part of my life, for it is more than a purse.


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