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Iwc highclass watches become family heirlooms

  • By Dallas Austin
  • Published 01/24/2011
  • Article Writing

The founder of IWC is an American engineer in Boston named Florentine A. Jones. He established a mechanical watchmaking factory near Rhine in the early year of Switzerland, accomplishing his new idea—-workers were replaced by machines to produce more precise parts and then the excellent masters assembled them into fantastic watches. Jones’ passion and sprite to making watches lived forever with his watches perfectly being shown in the series of Portuguese Jones.     In  1868, IWC launched the first pocket watch and from then on, IWC had a  special status in all aspects in not only Swiss watch industry but also  all over the world. In the same year, Jones made 6 basic movements which  suited for different pocket watches designs. These movements were very  high-quality with famous Jones Arrow design which were named after  Florentine A. Jones. During over 100 years, IWC concentrated on watchmaking skills to make classic works in Schaffhausen, Switzerland  whose design and technique stayed ahead among the same industry. The  IWC high-class watches had precise technical performance combining  wonderful design. As an engineer in watchmaking, IWC watch factory  produced watch cases personally and insist to pass the traditional  watchmaking technique from one to another generation. Until now, IWC  Portuguese Jones watches have just produced 500 platinum, 1,000 rose  gold and 3,000 stainless steel watches. IWC has become a treasure that  every watch collector competes to buy because of limited editions.     Since 1868, every watch in IWC has registered in a factory registering book. Over a hundred year, there are lots of registration books,  which is rare all over the world. Russian Tsar Ferdinand I, Pope Piye  Si IX and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had at least one IWC  pocket watch. At the same time, IWC watch masters even can completely  overhaul the oldest movements to make sure that they can work precisely  after many years, because in IWC all important spare parts were stored  in the tall cabinets. That is the reason why IWC watches can be family  heirlooms from one generation to another.



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