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Iwc wristwatch and a real man

  • By Keith A Johnson
  • Published 12/30/2010
  • Article Writing

Why  are IWC wristwatches so popular among male customers nowadays? From my  point of view, the reason lies in the fact that one should learn to read  the essence of IWC wristwatches before he is able to read a real man.

IWC  wristwatch tells you a real man’s rigor and carefulness. I may quote a  true story to brace this point for I, along with most of you, have  suffered enough from big tales in this information-filled society and  would rather believe that facts speak louder than words. The true story  goes that a young man from Dalian  had his IWC wristwatch deformed due to the forceful clash in a traffic  accident. Since the IWC wristwatch was an antique full of sentimental  values left by his grandpa seventy years ago, the young man sent it back  to IWC company for repairing. To his great surprise, the result came  out that one of the top technicians spent a whole month specially taking  care of the deformed watch and finally gave it a totally new look, and  after all, free of charge. This true story sounds simple but goes a long  way in reflecting IWC’s rigorous attitudes towar

ds its quality, service  and credit, which is in line with a real man’s careful attitudes  towards family, career and love. IWC  tells you how a real man acts and stands in this world. Quite often I  can run into some remarks on the Internet saying that such brands like  Rolex are much too high-profile and showy, which is right the reason why  they are simply felt skin-deep and lacking of depth and contents. That  leads to a wide-spread saying that such brands are solely preferable to  those upstarts, but not those truly successful men. In contrast, IWC  tells us a different story. There is no doubt that it is the spirit that  “Low-key is more than an elegant beauty” has made IWC what it is.  Similarly, that corresponds with the way a real man acts upon his life  and surroundings. Just like IWC, we believe, it is being capable but  humble, ordinary-looking but deep-thinking, gentle but strong-minded  that has made a real man what he is.No  wonder IWC wristwatches are gaining more and more support from male  customers. Now I have worked out the reason: IWC wristwatches not only  tell us what a first-rate wristwatch is, but what a real man is as well. 1d53e06a3a09b96dbdc857e65306f4ea-2417521

Keith A. Johnson

by Keith A Johnson


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