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J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Pen Review


J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Pen Cap Posted

The other day we reviewed some J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges in Gris Nuage (Cloud Gray) that was actually picked up to go along with this pen.  This pen is pretty cool, it is the J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Pen that takes fountain pen ink cartridges.  Just a reminder that both of these items were sent over compliments of Jetpens, specifically for review.


J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Pen Cap Closed

The J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Pen is a relatively compact pen, measuring approximately 4.5 inches with the cap closed (as pictured above) 5.5 inches with the cap posted (as seen in the first photo) and 3.75″ with the cap completely removed.  The translucent body makes for a great looking pen, as well as being perfect for being able to see the refill inside and how much ink you have left.


J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Pen Close up of Tip

The tip of the pen and grip section are shown above without the ink cartridge inserted.  The grip is the same plastic resin as the body, and in order to make it a bit easier to hold (and for the cap to snap on) there is a ridge towards the end of it that give you some leverage when writing.


The J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Pen with Cartridge Installed

Installing the ink cartridge on the J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Pen is quite simple.  Just unscrew the section and snap in any standard J. Herbin fountain pen ink cartridge or any other short international fountain pen ink cartridge and screw the section back into the body.  I do wish I had picked up a color other than gray just to see how it would look inside the body, but I do really like the gray ink otherwise.

The J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Writing Sample.


J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Pen Writing Sample

Writing with the J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball was fun.  It was a truly new writing experience for me, and the translucent body pens are always a favorite of mine.  I would say that the most comparable thing I could compare the tip size to is the fine point Sharpie Pen.  You might get different results using other ink cartridges and paper, but that is what my set up yielded for me.  I found that the tip is definitely pretty smooth to write with, and I did not get any skipping or blotching with the ink.  Personally I always like to write with the cap posted, but I did test without the cap posted as well, and for my average size hand it was a little uncomfortable writing without the cap posted because of how short the pen is.  I would say if you have average to large size hands, you will probably want to have the cap posted.  In either situation though, the pen has a nice balance to it and is not as light as it may look for its size and composition.

If you like the color and ink options that are available to fountain pen users, but aren’t fond of the fountain pen experience, the J. Herbin Refillable Roller Ball Pen is definitely an option worth taking a serious look at.  It is available for a great price and it has a ton of options available in terms of ink.  Thanks again to Jetpens for sending this over to review!  Just a reminder that this week we will be sending out the email announcement with this months winner of the $25 Jetpens gift card.  This means that you still have time to get signed up for the newsletter to be included and have a chance this time around.

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