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J. Herbin Stormy Grey Giveaway


J. Herbin Stormy Grey Giveaway

Our good friends over at Goldspot have offered up a highly sought after bottle of J. Herbin’s Stormy Grey fountain pen ink for our latest giveaway.  This ink can be pretty hard to come by, and they just happen to have some in stock at the time of this writing, so you can grab a bottle for yourself here.  If you haven’t seen this ink there is a picture of a writing sample below and here is a link to our review.  Now for the rules and details so you can win a bottle for yourself.


J Herbin Stormy Grey Saturation

Above is a quick writing sample from our original review so you can see how awesome this ink is with its gold flecks and grey base.  Here are the details for entering the giveaway:

  • US entrants only
  • Entries must be completed by 6/21/2015 at 11:59PM
  • Winner will be announced on or before 6/23/2015
  • Ignore the part about your favorite baseball player, that is a technical glitch lingering from the last giveaway that

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