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Jacob & co watches have the rich flavor of art

  • By Isabelle Richardson
  • Published 01/13/2011
  • Article Writing

 Jacob & Co was established in New York in 1981by Jacob Arabo who had a strong interest to the jewelry industry from childhood. Jacob & Co was originally only a small jewelry business workshop which design and build jewelry specifically for some private clients. It was a very young brand whose designers were inspired by the lifestyles of the customers who fly all day long. It created a new design concept based on this inspiration and the Five Time Zone Watch was then born.    Jacob & Co was particularly beloved by African-American hip-hop artists. Jacob & Co watches and New Era hats are almost synonymous with hip-hop. Artists who wear Jacob are innumerable such as Diddy, Justin, David and Victoria Beckham, Carmen Kass, Naomi Campbell, Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, lead singer of U2 Bono, Mike Michael Jordan, Britney Spears, Sarah Stone, Beyonce, and Jessica Simpson. Their watches is not just an expression of their style and good taste, it’s even their way of life.   Jacob and Co is popular all over the world because of its passion for precision, sophisticated and original timepieces. A variety of colors and styles are designed to meet the needs of different fashion, bringing out different feelings look. Almost every model of the Jacob Arabo’s collection is designed with many diamonds. And the watch case is made in from stainless steel, to gold, and even platinum. It has a stainless steel bezel and can be replaced with a smooth gold bezel. They come with 4 watch bands in yellow, black, blue, red, and yellow which can be switched out on the fly without having to use a single tool. With any doubt, these timepieces are all at the hefty prices.   If you are really desirous for getting a Jacob and Co watch, but are unable to afford them, you are highly recommended to buy the replica Jacob and Co watches. They are made with the same durability but come at a far lower cost than an actual Jacob & Co watches. With these quality imitations, the populace can also have the experience with Jacob and Co.    Whatever it is an authentic or replica Jacob and Co watch, it will both make you kept up with the fashion and latest trend, and bring you with fantastic pleasures.



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