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January 2016 Jetpens Gift Card winner and a Fun Desk Toy

Before we get to our winner announcement, I wanted to share this pretty cool item that’s not exactly an office supply, but makes for a great desk toy to keep you occupied during phone calls at work.  If you haven’t checked out Aaron’s Thinking Putty (via Amazon) you totally should.  This isn’t just your normal old school silly putty, there are a bunch of new takes on this classic old toy.  The one I picked up for myself is the “Super Magnetic” variety (video below) but there are also other cool variants like the clear version, gold, thermal color changing, and glow in the dark too.

Not the best video ever plus you can hear some football in the background, BUT…check that out.  The big thing in the middle is a magnet and you can see the putty is pulling itself towards the magnet.  Its really cool and you can do all sorts of stuff with it, plus its just fun to mash around in your hands like regular silly putty.


Anyway…on to our monthly $25 Jetpenshttp://jetpens.com gift card winner!  If you are Twan Sia, congratulations and have fun picking out some new office supply goodies over at our sponsor Jetpens.  Shoot us an email so we can get you your electronic gift card and so you can start shopping! Either reply to the email in your in box or just use the form here.

For those of you not signed up for our twice monthly giveaway, check out the details here.

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