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Jean Label Business Card Case Review


Jean Label Business Card Case with Cards

Here is another item I picked up at the MUJI store in NYC a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately they don’t even have it listed on the site anymore but I still wanted to share it here anyway.


Jean Label Business Card Case Empty

The case is made from the same thin leather material that you usually see on the back of a pair of jeans where the size and brand are located.  I’m a little weary of seeing how long this might last because I know I’ve seen the label on some of my jeans start to crack and rip over time, but that may be due to the repeated washing and drying process that they go through, which wont be something that happens with this business card case.

The case holds about 15-20 cards and can store them on the front or the back, as both sides look identical.  Any more than about 20 cards total and the case starts to warp a bit and then they don’t stay flat once inside.  Although I did express my concern with the durability of the case based on what I’ve seen from the jean labels on some of my jeans, the overall quality of the item is pretty nice.  The material feels pretty sturdy and the stitching seems like it is well done, so it is just a matter of time to see how well it holds up.  I do however like the more casual look of this case, and it is definitely pretty unique.  Unfortunately, I think the only way to get one of these now is via an actual trip to the physical store to see if MUJI still has these in stock.

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