Jeans for PearShaped Women

For women who have pear-shaped figures, there can be no greater nightmare than picking out the perfect pair of jeans. Every woman needs a pair of jeans that they can slip on and know without a doubt that they look fabulous! But because pear-shaped figures have larger bottoms, this is one of the most challenging and frustrating areas of their wardrobe. Here are some tips for pear-shaped figures that will make shopping for and finding that perfect pair as easy as pie.


The right cut of jeans is essential for pear-shaped women. Jeans that are too high in the waist will involve a lot of fabric in the rear section, which will only draw attention to it. Instead, choose a low-rise cut of jeans. This will not only make your bottom look smaller but by doing this, it will also make the legs and torso appear longer. What woman doesn’t want that?


Many pear-shaped women think that they must choose a jean that is bulky and baggy on them. This is a common misconception because women generally tend to think that the more fabric they wear, the less noticeable their curves will be. And in fact, that’s true. The curves will be less noticeable in baggy jeans however, you will also end up with a very boxy and awkward shape all around and people won’t be able to notice any of you because you’ll be swimming in denim. It’s much better to choose a style that sits close to the skin. While it doesn’t need to be skin-tight, choosing a tighter fit will definitely show off your right curves and minimize the appearance of the pear-shaped bottom.


Jean pockets may seem like just a practical accessory but in fact, they can do a lot for enhancing or minimizing certain features. Because two of the main pockets of jeans are found on the rear, it’s especially important for pear-shaped women to find pockets that suit them perfectly. It’s a fine line with back pockets because if they are too far apart, it will make the rear look very broad and wide. However, if the pockets lie too close together, this will make the hips appear larger and will also draw more attention to the pear-shaped bottom. To get the perfect width between pockets, it’s usually safe to choose a pair of jeans that have pockets on the rear that are evenly centered with the waist of the jeans.

Also, back pockets that have many adornments such as jewels, excessive top-stitching, or other embellishments, will also draw more attention to the backside and make that pear-shaped bottom look bigger. Cargo pockets are also a no-no for pear-shaped women. This is because cargo pockets can make thighs look bigger as well.

Women with pear-shaped bottoms are often scared to buy jeans because they have a lot of trouble finding a pair that they love and that will look great on them. With these few easy steps, buying that next pair of jeans should be a delight – just as shopping was intended to be!


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