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Jennifer Anniston: World's Prettiest Woman? Nemesis, Angelina Jolie?

  • By Peyton Stallings
  • Published 12/21/2011
  • Article Writing

Jennifer Anniston. The name alone conjures up images of beauty, innocent sexiness, a lovely clean face, long and silky sandy-colored hair, and even controversy. Despite her genuine acting talent in numerous films, and of course her many seasons on the famous television show “Friends,” Jennifer Anniston is often still identified as actor Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, the one he jilted for the far less feminine Angelina Jolie. What was Mr. Pitt thinking? Evidently he wasn’t. How does a seemingly rational man dump an absolutely beautiful woman like Jennifer Anniston for another that is possibly more masculine than himself? Amazing. To each his own, I guess. Brad Pitt went from a perfect 10-wife to a 2-girlfriend, in the eyes of many. No, make that most. He divorced America’s girl next door, and in a sense took-up with the maid. Perhaps he did his own stunt work one too many times, or pal George Clooney playfully hit him once too often! A major magazine, which will remain unnamed, recently paid tribute to Ms. Anniston, naming her the most beautiful woman in the world. While we all know that could possibly be an exaggeration, she might well be the most beautiful of famous women in the public eye today. (Garbo she is not, but who is?) By way of a real-life character study, Jennifer Anniston seems to be a truly classy act. Very little bitterness has vented from her pretty mouth, and her tender smile and gentle dimples are always evident amid television appearances and interviews. Bank on it. She certainly has, and does. Jennifer hides her well-deserved bitterness well, and has easily won the popularity battle against her nemesis, Ms. Jolie. Then again, who is to say that we all weren’t fooled? Perhaps the Anniston-Pitt-Jolie love triangle was simply the greatest publicity stunt in Hollywood history? Strange things have always happened on that left coast, and surely always will. It could be that Jennifer is acting as if she doesn’t care, because she simply doesn’t care! Hmmmmm. Enough gossip. Like millions of other men and women around the globe, I like and admire Ms. Jennifer Anniston, and think that her inside is possibly every bit as pretty as her outside. At least I want to believe that. Don’t you?

I have no idea what Ms. Anniston’s future plans are, and probably won’t ever be in her Rolodex to know ahead of time. That’s just how life is in this caste world of the few beautiful people versus the rest of us working stiffs. But, I have to figure that she will always wind-up on her feet, and continue to provide her audience with outstanding performances on and off screen.



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