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JetPens Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge Blue


I always anticipate the alternating Wednesday when JetPens uploads their new products for sale so I can grab some cool new things before they sell out and review them here.  Recently I was surprised to see that they now have their own line of JetPens Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge (via JetPens) in black and blue, so I grabbed the blue version for a quick review here today.


Both the black and blue version of the JetPens Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge are the standard international short size and come in a little ziplock baggie of 5.  Nothing about them really jumps out at you, standard and expected design here, clear plastic so you can see how much and what color ink is in there.  At $2 for the pack, or $0.40 each, its a pretty good deal.  I always like to have some cartridges around just in case, although its not my preferred method of inking up a fountain pen.

JetPens Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge Writing Sample – Blue:


The blue JetPens Blue Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge has a slight indigo hue to it, as its not just a straight up blue, at least to my eyes and in person.  I feel like the scan here on both my laptop and my external monitor don’t quite capture it that well.  On the JetPens website it actually has a bit of a softer blue hue to it, I guess its just hard sometimes to really capture the true color and feel of an ink by the time you are done photographing and scanning it.  In terms of writing, I really like how it performed.  I was using this ink a fountain pen that I totally forgot about, my Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen which even for its specialized nature has a smooth writing nib.  The ink never skipped, and there was hardly a hint of any nib creep.  Testing this ink on some of my favorite every day paper, that of the Black n’ Red notebook went well.  I didn’t notice any amount of spread nor did the ink feather or show through on the other side of the page.  The only two (and somewhat related) downfalls of the JetPens Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge is that its not so quick to dry as you can see in the writing sample above, and if you check out the JetPens website you can see that its not really that water resistant.  Other than that though, this is a pretty solid no-frill ink that might just help you push you over that JetPens $25 minimum for free shipping, so check ’em out here.

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