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JetPens Mini Aluminum Fountain Pen


I was a bit surprised when I came across this JetPens Mini Aluminum Fountain Pen (buy via JetPens, of course) when I was viewing all of the new arrivals on their site recently.  Before we dive into a closer look at this, just a reminder that this pen was acquired free of charge via our sponsorship with JetPens.


To give you some perspective on size, the JetPens Mini Aluminum Fountain Pen is pretty small.  It measures 4.6 inches capped, 5.2 inches with cap posted, and 3.9 inches sans cap.  Personally I found it to be just a hair short to write comfortably without the cap posted.  Posting the cap however made it the perfect size for my average size hand to write with.  The cap snaps crisply onto the pen when you close it, and when posting it on the back it takes a little bit of extra pressure but feels very firm once there.  In terms of the weight, its a pretty solid little pen, weighing in at almost exactly 20g.  The weight I measured includes a full ink cartridge as well.


The JetPens Mini Aluminum Fountain Pen breaks down pretty easily into the three main components you see above, plus the standard international short cartridge.  It does also take a mini converter if you prefer to go that route.  I did find that when I first inked it up, it took a little longer than anticipated for the ink to start flowing.  From the picture above you can also see that this is an Extra Fine nib, which is the only option for this pen.  Fine by me though since thats usually my go to option.  You can also see the Regal name stamped on the nib above the EF, as this was a partnership between the folks at JetPens and Regal to come up with this pen.


I took this next picture to get a good look at the nib, but as I’m writing this now I realized I never got a great picture of the clip, so I’m switching it up here.  Initially I wasn’t a fan of the clip design with those two notches on either side at the top, but its grown on me.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this design on another clip, so being that the rest of the pen is pretty generic, I think it gives it some uniqueness and character.  Its a fairly strong clip and manages to hold on well, but you won’t want to force it as its not spring loaded and would probably bend if forced too much.

JetPens Mini Aluminum Fountain Pen Writing Sample


As I mentioned before, I found writing with the JetPens Mini Aluminum Fountain Pen to be pretty comfortable with the cap posted.  Without the cap posted, the pen was a little too small for writing comfortably though.  Although this is a pretty small pen, the full metal body gives it just enough weight so that it feels substantial in your hand without creating any fatigue in long writing sessions.  As for the nib, it has a slight bit of tooth or scratch to it, but not in a bad way.  It just isn’t one of those nibs that glides across the paper with zero feedback, but it does write very consistently.  I didn’t pick up any skipping at all and it seems to get an even and just wet enough flow of ink running through it.  This is one of those pens that I now look forward to writing with, which is a bit out of the ordinary for a lower priced beginner type fountain pen, but its small size makes it easily pocket-able for an on the go fountain pen.  I think this one is definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a smaller but very solid pen, check it here out over at JetPens.

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