Jewelry Marketing Ideas

When you make jewelry and want to sell it, you obviously want the best marketing strategy possible in order to get customers. Customers mean sales, and sales lead to profit. You have many options at your disposal for marketing jewelry, and in order to target the right market, you need to find out what type of people will want to buy your jewelry.

One very successful marketing technique is to send out flyers to the population who are most likely to buy your jewelry. In these flyers, you should have beautiful pictures and descriptions of the jewelry, along with discount offerings. When people receive coupons, or see discounts, they are more likely to go to the store. Some stores generate mailing lists from previous customers. Because these people have purchased from you before, they will be more likely to come back if they are given an additional incentive. These flyers should be professionally designed and printed, preferably with a glossy finish. Since your flyers are representing your business to potential customers, they should evoke classiness and richness, and give the recipient the feeling that your items are worth the price they will pay for them.

Another marketing avenue available to you as a jewelry seller is the internet. Having your own website could generate many sales, not just in the local area, but mail order sales as well. If you decide to go this route and sell your jewelry online, you should always make sure to accompany your product listings with detailed pictures so the customers can see exactly what they will be buying. It is a proven fact that people will buy an item online much more often if they can see a picture of what it looks like, rather than having to rely on just a description.

If you are an independent jewelry maker looking to increase your sales, you could always try the Tupperware route and have parties that focus on your products. Having a jewelry party can give you the chance to show your creations to a lot of people, and hopefully make a few sales that night. And if your products are nice enough, word-of-mouth business can result from this as well, as the attendees will tell their friends about how great your jewelry is.

For the go-getter, a trip around town to all the local jewelry stores can pay off in a major way. If you can convince a jewelry store owner to carry your products, you can hopefully make some sales this way and build on this by adding more and more stores. You may have to start out with a consignment arrangement, where the jewelry store does not pay you for the items until they are sold, and can return them to you at any time. However, if your creations are a success, you can soon move into a more suitable arrangement where the jewelry stores buy their stock from you and then resell them.

There are many ways to find potential customers for your jewelry, and if you are persistent, you can be successful at it. The one thing to keep in mind is that you want as many people to see and be aware of your items as possible, to increase your chances of making a sale. If you can do this effectively with a minimum amount of time and money, you can be a successful jewelry maker and make a nice profit from your creations.


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